The Space

The denkubator stands definitely out from the traditional meeting and seminar rooms of hotels or companies venues. We offer you something which does not exist in these kind of spaces: 4 creative scenarios in 150 square meters.

- The Creative Area

- The Prototyping Workbench

- The Presentation Circus

- The Lounge Area

The Creative Area

Here the participants have the possibility to open doors to new opportunities. In these 60 square meters, 36 of them are occupy by a whiteboard and a oversized blackboard where participants can fix and work on ideas, thoughts and results. Here it is possible to experience the efficiency of a multisensory work. The variable design of the room and the movable furniture – facilitates the high degree of interaction between the participants.

The Prototyping-Workbench

In this 25 square meters room, you can test the practical value of yours ideas with the help of prototypes. A wide selection of design materials and a modular system are only some of the available tools. You can immediately validate your ideas with simple models made of paper, cardboard, wood, Lego-bricks. Process and service models can also be tested in the form of role playing games.

The Presentation-Circus

Communication is the essential point of the innovation process. Presentations, speeches, lectures or video sessions are supported by both analog and digital technology. This will support your team in the creation of a common knowledge growth. Because of its staircase design, this location is perfect for interactive teamwork. The technical facilities are:

- Beamer

- 60-inch LCD Screen

- Apple TV

- Blu-Ray with Dolby 2.1 sound system

- and 2 high speed internet channels in HDSL and LTE

The Lounge Area

Intense mental exercise needs also relax. Our Lounge Area in a Shabby-Chic Style, is deliberately thought with the aim to invite our guest. During or after your intense work, here you can collect your energies and generate new ideas. The subtle lighting combined with a bit of music, stimulate the relax for a following change of perspective.