The Method

The concept of the denkubator is significantly based on the innovative method called “Next-Thinking”, developed by Frank Rehme – founder of gmvteam – in 2010. After a long and practical experience he realised that innovative working needs an appropriate environment in order to be efficient. This is because the 3 elements “Team-Method-Location” are inseparable factors of success for new ideas.

The Next-Thinking Method

In the 1990s in California, the design and innovation agency IDEO developed the so-called “Design Thinking Process”. The aim was to generate an innovative method, in order to develop disruptive innovations and to find answers to complex problems. Frank Rehme – founder of the denkubator – was one of the first in Germany who started to adopt this method.

Design-Thinking assumes that problems can be better solved if people from different disciplines work together on the solutions. The core question in this regard will focus on the needs of the target group. The process is a combination of understanding, observation, brainstorming, refinement, implementation and learning.

The Design-Thinking method ends with the development of prototypes and their validation by the target group. A multitude of promising ideas have been generated, but not implemented successfully. Determine and reflect on the relevant business conditions (technical feasibility, resource requirements, budget), is not indeed a task of the Design-Thinking method.

Thereupon, Frank Rehme refined the Design-Thinking method. The resulting “Next-Thinking method” not only supports the development of innovative ideas, but also ensures that the single conditions for a successful implementation are defined.